Radium Girls
Scenic Designer/Automation Designer | Daniel Glen Carlgren
Assistant Scenic Designer | Meghan Stanford
Assistant Automation Designers | Henry Patrick Coleman and Meghan Stanford

The show was designed to have 3 "pie pieces" that together formed half of a turn table. One of them was to be stationary while the other two were to move independently. 
Initial drawings used to figure out center point placement and the barring construction
We decided that since we needed to control two of the pie pieces separately, we would have to operate it from a center pivot point. We built our own barring from a 4" and 6" pipe with 3/4" UHMW Rod between them to act as needle bearings. Each pipe then had connections added to the top to connect to their respective platform and sprockets were welded to the bottoms to hold the chain. The chain then transferred to aircraft cable that ran under the stage to two friction drive winches. 
The layout and fabrication of the moving pie piece framing
The installation of the pie piece framing
Top view of the final product
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