I grew up in Chippewa Falls, WI. I began my bachelor's degree at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire for mathematics and physics in September 2014. My first semester I took a general class in theatre technology to try something different. Throughout that course and working on shows, I fell in love with theatre and soon changed my major. 
The same year, I started a job at the university as a crew member for EPC (Event Production Crew). We set up, monitored, and struck all major events on campus, ranging from small meetings to large concerts in Zorn Arena. At the end of my first semester on the job, I was promoted to Zorn Crew Chief, which put me in charge of our arena. I lead large calls and ran lighting for many shows. 
In January 2016, I participated in the National Student Exchange, spending a semester at the University of Alaska - Anchorage. At the end of the semester, I decided to finish my schooling there. At the University of Alaska - Anchorage I have had the opportunity to design two of our Main Stage productions with a third in progress. The first show I designed, Rain and Zoe Save the World was a part of the Earth Matters on Stage Symposium. I used this show as a jumping off point for research on sustainability in the theatre and how we can reduce our footprint on the environment. I then traveled to Havana, Cuba to further my research. The second show I designed, Playhouse Creatures,  was a part of my senior honors thesis. I am expected to graduate in May of this year. 
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